Best Tools to Change Font Size in PDF

There are many challenges when it comes to documenting your work. This is true in the office, in school, or even if you work alone. The reason it is challenging is partially due to the normal considerations such as the topic and research that needs to be done, but also some of the difficulties relate to the formatting of the text and your document. This does not have to be a major problem though since there are many tools that help you manage documents. One of the most popular document types is the PDF. PDFs are a great way to document and share data since they are more versatile compared to text editors. The challenge with working with PDFs though is that they are not as easy to edit, and this is especially true when it comes to editing text such as when you have to change a font in your document.

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The first thing you will need when you want to work on a PDF is a PDF editor, there are many different PDF editors to choose from. These can be in the form of PDF editing software or online browser-based editors. Whichever one you choose; they will give you the chance to work on and manage PDFs. This is useful for people who need to work with them, but how do you choose which PDF editor to use? One of the most obvious ways is by judging the cost. Although cost is a major consideration for many people, there are some other areas that you should think about. One of the other important considerations is which tools they offer. Some people need a wide range of tools but for those who want a simple editor, there are many PDF editors that will do the trick. These editors can help you to fill in the information, edit and manage text and even change the font of the text within the PDF itself.

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Some people might not think of fonts as an overly important part of writing and composing a text, but in truth, it is very important and communicates a message to the reader. Depending on which font you choose, it can change the feel and understanding of the text. For example, a more serious and bland font type is better for legal documents where you do not want to create some distraction from the overall meaning of the text; however, if you are composing an invitation to a children’s birthday party, a less formal and even fun font type might be better. The font type is not the only thing that you can change in regard to fonts. In addition to font types, you can also use a PDF editor to change the font size. Changing the font size can affect the overall length of a document. This can be important since there are often size and space restrictions, but how can you change font sizes in a PDF?

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Why font size is important


As a font nerd, I am happy to tell you that font size is indeed very important. The biggest reason is readability. If you have a giant font, it can be distracting and hard to read. Conversely, if you have a tiny font, it can also be hard to read for some people. You don’t want someone having to lean in or squint when trying to read your document. Also, if you are trying to complete a more total document with images, graphs, and other media, font size can either draw attention to some things or detract from them. It is always important to understand who will be reading your document when deciding on font size and type. Many businesses and schools will have standards when it comes to font types and sizes.

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Ways to change the font size in a PDF


Working with texts in a PDF can sometimes be a challenge. This is because the nature of PDFs is that they are image based, but luckily, a PDF editor can be used to edit and change the text within a PDF document. There are a few ways you can do this. The first and easiest way is to highlight text and then look at the edit panel (This can be in a different place deepening on the PDF editor. From there you can change a variety of things such as spacing, font type, and font size. From there it is just a manner of saving your files. This can be done easily if you are using an excellent PDF editor such as Lumin PDF which offers the ability to save and share via Google Drive.

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Tools to change the font size in a PDF


The most obvious tool to change the font size in a PDF is the edit pdf tool. This tool can be slightly different depending on the PDF editor you are using. The edit tool as described above is a tool that can be used to select and highlight text that you wish to change in the document. Although this is a great way to change the font size, it can be used to do other things as well, such as change the font type and add other features such as bold or italics. There are other ways to edit the text within a PDF editor without the edit tool, but they are circumspect and situational. For example, if the PDF you need features only text, you can simply create a document in a word processor such as Microsoft Word then use the PDF editor’s convert PDF file tool and convert the document into a PDF file.

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Working with documents is an important part of working life and being able to work with PDFs gives you not only a useful skill for your job but a useful life skill since it will allow you to create almost anything. This is especially true once you can understand how to edit texts and change things like font sizes and styles. This will make your document more professional and able to fit the purpose you had for the document.




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