Know Perks Offered By Google To Employees

Every company offers numerous perks to its employees. Employee benefits Google by working effectively and attaining goals in the specified time period. Moreover, Google offers numerous discounts under employee discount programs in a manner such as an Employee discount Apple, and so on. One of the employees of Google shared his experience with Google and perks offered by Google to him:


1.  Offers free connoisseur food and snacks are incessant


Employees of Google are exceptionally provided with nourishment food, acquiring healthy, and diverse three-course meals if they spend overtime in the company. They do not charge employees for food, it is for free. Even the company provides coffee and juice bars as well, throughout the organization. The concord is that the expediency of consuming food offered cannot be exaggerated.

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2.  Functioning on the Google platform, you’re wide open to startling people and substantial thinkers


The Google company is composed of smart and driven people, who offer the best Work Culture for acquiring knowledge. Not just talking about gaining theoretical knowledge, but learning practical knowledge through working with effective colleagues. As all the colleagues come from different backgrounds. Even employees come across numerous thought leaders while working at Google.


3.  Employees Feel like they are living in the future


Google falls in the technology companies niche. Of Course, employees are at the forefront of technology. Employees receive to utilize the company’s products to acquire work done. Few beta test products have not been introduced to the public till now.

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4.  The TechStop assists employees remain plugged in with 24*7 technology support


Google has a few of the finest and shining Information Technology specialists accessible to assist other employees to get their jobs accomplished.


TechStop is Google’s in-house technology support shop. It offers Google employees direction with all hardware and software requirements and problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Even one of the Google employees such as The TechStop so much that he stated that because it’s just such a practical way towards solving the easy problems that come in the way while obtaining objectives. For instance, if you leave behind your laptop power supply, go purchase another.

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5.  Google permits bringing pets as well


Google employees have permission to bring their respective pets to their workplace. Even an employee shared his viewpoint regarding why bringing his pet to the workplace is so significant. Further, he stated that it helps in boosting energy for work. Even brings unprompted rejoicing to his colleagues. Also, helped him to accomplish his deadlines. Though, he claimed that taking care of a dog while working can be difficult sometimes. Google employers give a timely break to take care of their respective pets.


6.  Google concerns in regard to employees well-being


Employees can offer each other “massage credits” for an effective job performed by them during projects. The massage credits can be availed for a free one hour massage on association.

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Besides massages, one of the engineer shared what he experienced when he undergone an accident while working in Google:


He claimed that He underwent an injury while He was part of the google team in the U.S. and required to undergo three surgeries and follow-ups that cost him and made him not be able to return to work for five months. Starting with his reporting manager and colleague, the entire company was really commiserating with what happened to him and uplifted him to concentrate on attaining a healthier body again. When He returned after recovering, he was definitely feeling stressed, but his manager set his expectations reasonably, which allowed her to ramp up very speedily and let her carry on his job where he left.

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7.  Parents entering parenthood get the break they entitled to


In general, mothers get extra time off from their respective work for almost six weeks after giving birth to their babies, but at Google it’s another story.


Even males who enter parenthood get six weeks of paid leave, and moms get 18 weeks, and employees’ stock continues to vest (and they continue to receive bonuses) while they are on leave.


Google even offers employees a bonus or rewards, called ‘baby bonding bucks’ shortly after having a baby to help with expenses like diapers, takeout, and formula during our leave.

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When parents make their way back to work, there are free on-site daycares for children.


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