Top 10 Cordless Drills (January 2020): Reviewed

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The functionality of a drill in driving a screw or making a hole during electric works is beyond question. You often find difficulties in making electrical wirings and doing similar projects because the drill doesn’t function as expected- don’t you?

You should get hold of a better drill that will be portable as well as provide the sufficient power for your operations. Share useful tips like this on your youtube channel and immediately start getting more visibility on your content. Buy youtube views now and see the results instantly.

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That is why I have compiled a list of top 10 cordless drills available in the market that combine great features such as power-efficiency, great speed and high torque. Read along to know which ten I am talking about and why they are considered as the top 10 cordless drills

Quick Look: Top Rated Cordless Drills for 2020

DeWalt DCD 790 D2The Tough DrillerB+$$$$$Check Price

Makita XFD03 18V (new)

A Superb Cordless DrillB$$Check Price
?Milwaukee 2603-22The Highly Customizable DrillB$Check Price
Hitachi DS18DSALThe Ergonomic DrillA$$$$$Check Price
Rockwell RK2852K2A Great Tool from HitachiB$$$$$Check Price
Bosch DDS182A Cute and Compact DrillC$$$$Check Price
Porter-Cable PCCK600LBThe Ultimate Portable DrillA$$$$$Check Price
Ryobi P817A Drill with Great SpecsB$$$$$Check Price
Skil 2898LI-02The Energy-efficient DrillC$$$$$Check Price
Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB-2The Drill with 24 Clutch PositionsB+$$$$$Check Price

DeWalt DCD 790 D2 (The Tough Driller):

The unique thing about this drill is that it can handle tough drilling jobs quite easily. There are two different speed ranges at which these drills can operate and they are 0-600 RPM and 0-2000RPM.

It is possible for the drill to achieve such high speed ratings because of the 20volt batteries that it uses for operation.

The battery shows the amount of power left and thus helps you to understand whether you need to charge it soon. It is a comparatively light-weight drill and can thus be handled easily.

The batteries are easily replaceable and the replacements are easily available too. It can easily withstand temperatures of 5-10 F.


MAKITA XPHO12 18V LXT (A Superb Cordless Drill):

It is a Lithium Ion Cordless drill that can be used in any job site irrespective of the nature of the job. It comes with a ten-minute Quick Charge that helps you to drill at a faster speed.

You can run it both as a Hammer Driver-drill and a normal driver-drill. One important feature considering which we have included this drill in our list is its high power-efficiency.

This nature of the drill relieves you from waiting for long when the drill is being charged and you can spend this time on working instead.

Since it comes from the house of Makita, you will find some great qualities which are exclusively found in the Makita products. For instance, it has a Makita-built motor that delivers a torque of 480. In.lbs. It also offers a variable speed facility due to which you can choose any of the speed ranges of 0-400 RPM and 0-1500 RPM.

The drill is also very easy to operate, thanks to its ergonomic design and lighter weight. The work area is illuminated by its built-in LED light afterglow and you can thus take care of the minute details of the work without bringing in an extra light source.

Milwaukee 2603-22 (The Highly Customizable Drill):

This one is a great product that can be used for both drilling and driving screws. It can punch up to 725 inch pounds of turning force and also offers a speed of 1850 RPM for the drilling jobs.

Other remarkable features to look for in this drill are the ergonomic design, power efficiency and a wide range of clutch settings. There are as many as 24 clutch settings that will help you to drive screws without damaging the wood or even the screws.

It uses a POWERSTATE brushless motor to offer 725 in lbs of torque to perform the heaviest of drilling jobs at ease. The REDLITHIUM battery technology helps in delivering a great performance.

The REDLINK Plus feature helps you to get an optimized performance. It also helps you to establish a communication between the battery, tool and the charger.

Rockwell RK2852K2 (The Ergonomic Drill):

It is convenient to use this drill as it is great in terms of ergonomics. It is also great in terms of design, power and durability. It is a versatile drill that can be used for hard core jobs at the project site as well as smaller tasks at home.

There are two different speed settings along with 18 clutch settings so that you can easily shift between the drilling mode and screwdriver mode and also complete your task without stripping the screw.

It has an impressive turning force of 531 inch-pounds and is capable of drilling 1.5 inch in wood and half-inch in metal.

There are two batteries of 20-V each. So, when one is not functioning properly due to some reason, you can continue with the other. These batteries are light-weight and come with a lifetime warranty.

The brushless motor offers a 50% more run time than that of the brushed motors.

Hitachi DS18DSAL (A Great Tool from Hitachi):

This efficient drill can produce 460 inch pounds of torque. It is capable of reaching a speed of up to 1800 RPM. The main reason why I have given it the third position in my list is its customizable speed thanks to the clutch settings.

Using the 22 clutch settings, you can easily control the depth to which it will drill. It is quite easy to handle this drill, since the weight is evenly balanced on either side.

It is accompanied by a half-inch keyless chuck which will allow you to fasten the bits to the drill using your hand. I also liked the safety feature this drill provides- it has an LED that lightens up the area of operation.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty- so you can ask the manufacturers for a replacement if it somehow becomes dysfunctional. There are externally accessible brushes which will help you in a faster and easier brush change.


Bosch DDS182 (A Cute and Compact Drill):

The 7 Bosch DDS182 is a unique combination of power and design. It offers a maximum speed of 1700 RPM which is not bad at all! It has a long motor life and provides you a greater run time even without any maintenance.

Its smaller size along with a compacted head helps in gaining an easy control over the machine and allows you to work at ease within confined spaces.

Since it is a brushless motor, it has a double life than that of a motor with brushes. Overloading and overheating is prevented, thanks to the use of the latest technology. It comes with a 4-bit magnetic bit-holder and a belt-clip that helps in easy storage.

In terms of power too, the Bosch DDS182 is the best and can easily beat others in performance. It is also featured by a Dura Shield Housing which allows it to bear multiple drops from 10ft.

Porter-Cable PCCK600LB (The Ultimate Portable Drill):

It uses a lithium-ion battery of 20V that charges up quite fast. The glowing of a light would indicate whether the battery needs to be recharged.

It takes 40min to get recharged which is quite less as compared to many other drills available in the market. Here the power is measured instead of torque and is found to be of 330 Units Watt Out.

The weight of this drill is balanced both above and below the load and as a result of this you can handle it quite easily.

There are 22 clutch settings and a dual-position torque switch that helps in adjusting the drill for different tasks. A great speed control is achieved by the trigger switch. There is a magnetic drill bit-holder which provides an easier storage option over the spring clips and plastic shots.

Ryobi P817 (A Drill with Great Specs):

The cordless drill from Ryobi offers a number of smart features and is also characterized by a smart design. There are two speed settings to choose from, one being 0-440 RPM and the other being 0-1600 RPM.

The lower speed range is meant for fitting screws. It has 24 different clutch settings using which you can fit the screw at different depths. The 340 inch-pounds torque allows you to perform many different tasks using this drill.

Coming to the batteries we find that it uses batteries of 18V specification which can be either made of lithium ion or nickel-cadmium.

It has two batteries, both of which take one hour to be completely charged and also serves as a back-up of one another during times of need.

A half-inch keyless chuck is also there, which undoubtedly makes it more convenient for use. The magnetic holder helps in holding screws and drills for further use.

You also get to illuminate your workspace with the LED that is present and thus ensure safety while working.


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