The Benefits of an OMS for D2C Retail

Before we look into the benefits of using an OMS for B2C retail, it is important to first understand what is meant by D2C. It refers to Direct to Customer where a business sells its products to its customers directly without going through middlemen or the traditional retailers.

Like with every other business model, there is a good and bad side to D2C retail. A higher turnover, greater control over customer satisfaction & experience, and gaining important customer insights are some of the top advantages. One of the most significant challenges of this model is you need a substantial financial commitment to succeed.

Let us now look into the advantages of using an OMS for D2C retail.

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1. Advanced Inventory Management Capabilities

This is a key feature of Order Management Systems. It allows for D2C retail businesses to have access to real-time visibility of stocks even across different locations and channels. This way, the right amount of stock is maintained to effectively balance out demand and supply, consequently improving operational efficiency.

As one of the top eCommerce order management systems for retail in a D2C setup, Deck Commerce offers powerful features meant to help you tap into the full potential of your business. By being able to take full control of the order management process, you are guaranteeing yourself success, regardless of how competitive your industry is.



2. Better Capabilities for Order Management and Fulfillment

Having an OMS benefits the order management and fulfillment process a lot. From the time an order is placed to when it’s delivered, businesses have full control of the entire process contributing to successful fulfillment.

An OMS has the ability to unlock new levels of perfection for businesses so that the error rates are reduced close to zero, as far as order processing. Additionally, having an OMS can save time even for businesses that use multiple sales channels because everything is streamlined. Even customers will enjoy the experience more because they can see the progress of their orders from the time they place them till they are delivered – they don’t have to keep calling and writing emails.

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3. Real-Time Analytics and Reports

A major benefit D2C retail businesses can harness from using an OMS is that they get access to real-time analytics and reports. With data collected from the order processes, order management systems have the capability to output real-time analytics and reports. This can be anything from the newest trends in the market and customer behavior to future growth projections and so on.

This data processing and presentation may vary depending on the kind of business logic being implemented and has benefits like optimizing turnovers, facilitating strategic planning, and ensuring transparency in business operations, among others. With sufficient information, a D2C business can respond more quickly to any sort of changes that might arise and remain agile.

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4. Control Over Customer Experience

In modern days, a great customer experience is crucial to achieve success in D2C retail businesses, especially with the high competition. Using an OMS to achieve a competitive edge is imperative as such a system allows customers to place their orders easily with minimal human error, track them effectively and, in turn, gain fulfillment.

Customers tend to get peace of mind after placing an order as an OMS will provide the transparency required in the fulfillment process. For D2C retail businesses improved customer satisfaction results in higher retention rates and a greater likelihood of earning referrals.


In Conclusion

D2C retail businesses can benefit from having an OMS in multiple ways. From higher turnover and greater control over customer satisfaction to encountering fewer human errors and enjoying streamlined order pipelines, there is a lot to gain.

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So, why not take advantage of the powerful system that Deck Commerce offers and witness the positive changes it brings to your company?


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