Music has been the medium of entertainment since ancient times and the truth is, it is the medium and art of expression through which humans can express their feelings and thoughts. Musical rhythm, tunes and melody all speak of the deepest feeling of the heart. Most of the time it is seen that music is just taken as entertainment and nothing else. Whereas in many ways and in many studies, it has been proven that music has magically healing powers. If we talk about schools then we can get any school management these days inducing music as a compulsory subject so that students can get relief from the daily hectic schedule of the curriculum. If a school management chooses enterprise resource planning to manage the teaching-learning process then definitely music will become an integral part of the curriculum. Any enterprise resource planning understands the value of music as healer in the student’s life. Music has several modes of healing power. Its healing powers don’t only work on humans but on animals and plants and trees also. There are so many stories which can be found in our ancient sculptures where it can be seen that greatest singers like Baiju Bawra and Tansen had made clouds rain cats and dogs and have created fire also just by their singing and even today few of the legends are there who when sing or play their musical instrument, many animals get attracted and come to them without any hesitation. So, lets understand the healing and therapeutic powers of music in details:

  • It is seen in many studies that students like to listen to sweet and slow music in order to get relief from stress and anxiety. While learning and apart from learning also there are lots of things that happen in the life of students which create grave stress and anxiety and also puts excessive pressure on the students. In such situations mentors ask such students to immediately stop everything and listen to some relaxing sweet music for an hour lying down on bed. It is so because the musical frequencies of such sweet music have powers to reduce stress.
  • Music has great ability to reduce the level of pain in humans as well as animals. It is hard to believe but many times it is experimented and found 100% correct. Many times it is also found that the cows who lose their calves and stopped giving milk, begin to give milk after listening to some soothing music which reduces their pain level. Even we as humans feel too much pain emotionally then we listen to some soothing songs or music and immediately it starts to work on our pain.
  • In this time of pandemic Covid-19 the most important thing which is needed in humans is the immunity system and the magical fact is that music helps increase the immunity system. People who daily perform meditation with a mild music session their immunity power has been observed to be 10 times stronger than any other normal human being who never listens to such music. Listening to mild and sweet music makes the human body emit a proper amount of adrenaline which balances immunity power in the body.
  • A healthy mind resides into a healthy body and it is observed that students who do not take proper sleep have several mental and physical issues. Such students and adults become insomniac and they have to suffer from depression, sleeplessness, migraine, weak eyesight, headache and several other mental and physical issues which later can be fatal also. Listening to mild and sweet music anytime, especially at night, brings a sound sleep. This happens because sweet music calms the mind and relaxes stressed nerves of the mind which makes the mind attain needed calm and peace and after that the person falls into sound sleep.
  • Music has been proved as healer and helper too. Amazing effects have been experimented by some farmers also. They were observing the poor yield of crops every year so they performed this experiment where they played sweet soothing music in one part of field and harsh jazz music in other half of field and surprisingly the yield of that field which listened to sweet music was more than expected and the other half which listened to harsh jazz music has very poor yield.
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