World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Most Useful Addons

Over the years of the existence of the MMORPG genre, a large number of identical games have been created. When it comes to the most popular representatives of the genre, World of Warcraft immediately comes to mind.


Every day, players immerse themselves in the Warcraft universe to experience incredible emotions from the plot, tasks and colorful locations. To make it easier to play, many players turn to boosting services to buy wow classic gold, which is the main currency in the game. In addition to buying gold, the services offer power leveling, dungeons and raids carries, and much more, making life much easier for avid gamers.

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In this article, we will talk about useful add-ons for raids, dungeons, and the World of Warcraft Lich King interface. Many gamers still play WotLK and by the way, it has one of the highest ratings among all extensions – 8.8 on IMDb.


Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

DBM is one of the most popular add-ons for PvE. If you plan to conquer actual dungeons and raids, then you can’t do without it. Deadly Boss Mods notify the player of impending danger during a boss fight, notify of the appearance of add-ons, help to avoid unnecessary damage, warn that the hero standing next to you is under the influence of a malicious AOE effect, and much more. Simply put, DBM makes it possible to observe tactics and not substitute your allies

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A recount is an add-on that keeps battle statistics in the World of Warcraft, shows the damage you have done, outgoing/incoming healing, the number of deaths, frequently used skills, DPS/HP of allies, etc. It can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of other players in the group/raid, to understand whether it is worth reviewing your rotation, and so on.

BigWigs Boss mod

BigWigs Boss mod is an analog of Deadly Boss Mods and is not inferior to it in functionality. It offers all the tools necessary for a comfortable passage of raids: timers of boss abilities, threat warnings, alerts about the appearance of additional monsters on the battlefield, etc.

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GTFO is a real find for fans of PvE content in the World of Warcraft. The add-on informs that the hero was in the zone of action of a dangerous AOE (pools of poison, burning areas, etc.). In addition, it is also useful for PvP fans. In arenas, battlefields, and the open world, GTFO will inform you that the character is under the influence of a malicious AOE effect created by an enemy player

HealBot Continued

HealBot Continued is designed exclusively for healers. By installing this add-on, you will get access to a convenient panel with frames of group/raid members, you will be able to treat allies and remove negative effects from them with one click. The modification also allows you to track the duration of buffs/debuffs, get information about incoming treatment and simplify the use of macros.

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VuhDo is another addon for healers. Its principle of operation is similar to HealBot Continued: after installing the modification, you get access to a customizable window with raid/group frames, you can heal, dispel, and buff allies with one mouse click, track positive/ negative effects on them and much more


Grid2 replaces the standard panels of raid frames with improved plates. They display various important information about other players in the squad, including their buffs, debuffs, HP, and class resource reserves. A feature of Grid2 is a large number of adjustable parameters. With their help, you can configure raid frames as you like.

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LittleWigs is a small add-on for the BigWigs Bossmods add-on. It adds tactics to the game for dungeons designed for 5 players. If you plan to visit the dungeons often or are just starting to get acquainted with this type of content in WoW, you need to download the LittleWigs add-on. It is installed in the same way as other modifications, but do not forget that it requires BigWigs Bossmods to work

LFG Group Bulletin Board

LFG Group Bulletin Board analyzes the flow of messages in the chat and selects from it only those that relate to the gathering of the group for the passage of dungeons. The add-on has many settings, the ability to create personal filters, etc. It works with messages in English, German and French.

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Bartender4 is a modification that allows you to configure quick-access panels. After installing it, you will be able to move the panels for abilities to any part of the screen and configure the location of special skills, transport buttons, and a block with pet skills. In addition, you can completely change the size of the panels, their transparency, and much more


OmniCC is a simple add-on that replaces the analog ability recovery timer with a numeric one. Now you will know exactly after what time the CD will drop on a particular skill, active accessory, pet skill, or consumable items

Titan Panel

Titan Panel adds one/ two bars to the screen, which displays important game information: FPS, the amount of gold and other currency in the inventory, current location, ping, and so on. All bands are fully customizable. The add-on is compatible with almost all modifications that change the interface

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Tidy Plates

Tidy Plates replace the standard strips with the names of players with more functional panels. Now, over the heads of monsters, friendly/enemy players, and NPCs, additional information such as the stock of a class resource, its buffs, debuffs, class icon, caste spell strip, and so on will be visible.


Quartz modifies the standard caste bar and allows you to track the following information on it: the distance to the target, the duration of your debuffs on the enemy, the GCD of skills, the pet’s caste band, basic timers (resurrection, entrance to the battlefield/dungeon/arena, etc.). The add-on has many caste bar settings, including its sizes, text type, colors, etc.

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In conclusion

Millions of players around the world have played this game at least once. It is popular both at the beginning of its release and now. Moreover, Blizzard is constantly releasing new add-ons – like Dragonflight for example. Therefore, we can say that the game continues to be popular and if you haven’t played it, give it a try.

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