Taweez is a form of protection that has been used in many religions and cultures through out history. Taweez is used to protect a person from evil and bad luck. Taweez in islam is also used to bring good luck and good fortune.

Taweez can be made out of paper, fabric, wood or stone. It can also be written on with ink made from red dye, saffron and rose water. The taweez is usually inscribed with verses from the Quran or prayers in Arabic or Persian. You can make it in the form of a pendant or a bracelet which you can wear around your wrist or neck for protection against bad luck and evil eye.

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In ancient times taweez in islam was written on parchment with black ink and decorated with gold leaf in parts where words were written. The person who will make this taweez has to say a prayer so as to activate it before giving it away to someone else or wearing it themselves as an amulet.

  • It can be written on paper or carved on stone or etched on a metal, cloth etc. with ink made from red dye, saffron and rose water.
  • The following are the steps of making the taweez:
  • First step is to prepare the velvet cloth by writing some verses of Quran on it.
  • Then you have to put flowers, leaves and aromatic herbs in an earthen pot along with saffron and rose water in it then mix them well so that the mixture turns into a paste (it may take few hours).
  • Once done add all the ingredients mentioned above in a bowl together and mix them well until you get a paste like consistency where all herbs/flowers etc will blend together nicely into one substance which will also retain its shape after being kept for days together without getting weak or falling apart easily when touched gently by hand during regular use – but remember no water should enter this mixture otherwise it may spoil everything so keep yourself far away from wetness during this process!!
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If a person wishes to make a taweez they should first cleanse themselves spiritually with prayer and meditation while focusing on the intention of making a protective amulet for oneself or another person who needs protection from harm.

The Taweez must be written with saffron ink using the words of Allah and other mystical symbols like:

  • The name of your desired partner (if you’re writing a love taweez)
  • Names of his/her parents (in case you want to make a parent-child love taweez)
  • Name of your desire partner and his/her parents together in one sentence (in case you want to write a love taweez for both parties)
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Once the taweez is written it must be placed on vapor while chant dhikr. This is how to make taweez in home. It’s simple and easy but you need to be careful with your words and actions because you will be responsible for what you say and do as a Muslim.

The Taweez should be kept in a safe place in the home, such as an amulet box. The taweez should be kept in a place where it will not be disturbed or lost. It is important to keep the taweez in a place where it can be seen by others and those who use it will remember to do so when they need help from Allah.

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Taweez can be used to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, they are often worn as jewelry or placed in a home to attract riches and love.


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